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Custom Made Tallit for Any Jewish Occasion
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Baby Tallit
The Atara is located on the top of the tallis fabric. This one is made with pink satin fabric with a deep magenta Star-of-David with filigree.  You can select any color fabric and can choose from an assortment of Jewish symbols. You may also choose a prayer or passage from the Torah or embroidered artwork matching the theme of the tallis.

They were so excited when they found MyTallis.com! They commissioned a customized tallis with embroidery throughout the atara and four squares to personalize it for their baby girl. Call Caryn at 714-329-3696 or email her at craphael0609@aol.com to request a quote for the unique tallit for your unique baby.

Corner #1 Includes an adorable elephant matching the theme of the fabric and also has baby Valentina's full name.

You can choose to have your baby's name with or without additional embroidering.
Corner #2  The second corner has an embroidered lion matching the animal theme of the tallit along with the date Valentina was born. 

You can choose to have your baby's date of birth or any embroidery you'd like for the tallit. 
Corner #4
​Looking for the perfect baby gift? We create customized hand-crafted, and embroidered baby gifts.  If your gift is for a Jewish or Interfaith couple they will absolutely love a beautiful baby tallis to wrap their baby in during their baby naming ceremony. 

We Customize Tallitot For all Jewish Life Celebrations. Call Caryn Today at 714-329-3696 to Receive a Quote.

We are Committed to Providing Excellent Quality for All of Our Products. Everything is Created and Designed Uniquely and Hand-made, Here in the U.S.A. All Our Creations Are Made Only With the Finest Fabrics, Threads,and Embroidery Designs.

Every Tallis is a Unique Work of Art! Caryn Works With You to Turn Your Vision Into a Work of Art. In the Example Above, We Included Tiny Pearls and Hand-dyed Pink Tzitzit.

Call or Email Today as it May Take Up to 4 - 6 Weeks for Creation and Delivery.

Example, Baby Girl Tallis
You can choose the color scheme, theme of fabric - - - such as Noah's Ark, etc., and embroidery for the atara and four corners. Call or email Caryn and let's get started on your personalized baby tallit!
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Custom Baby Blanket
We provide beautifully hand-crafted tallitot. 

We will select fabric to match your taste. Then we design and embroider the four corners and atara on a fabric to create your unique, personalized baby tallit. 

Then I'll embroider the four corners of the tallis. We can select designs to match the material. Or, we  can embroider your baby's name, date of birth, or the happy parents' names.

Rabbi Michael Mayersohn will finish the tallit by placing the tzit tzit through the four corners.

Creating your baby tallis can take up to 4 to six weeks. Don't hesitate to call today at 714-329-3696 or email me by clicking the button below.

Thank you for visiting MyTallis.com.
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When Yasmin (mother) and Alex (father) decided to have a baby naming ceremony for their daughter, they wanted something special to wrap her in for their special occasion.
Please call today to receive a quick quote on your baby tallis. Call 714-329-3696 or cick the "contact us" button below.

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Baby Tallit
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