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Custom Made Tallit for Any Jewish Occasion
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When a thirteen-year-old boy puts on his tallis at the beginning of the Bar Mitzvah service he is connecting himself to generations of the Jewish people. The tallis can reach back into the past and with Caryn’s unique creations it can be a statement of the present and a beautiful commitment to the future. 

Each student and his family can work with Caryn to create a tallit that is unlike any other and that will be a part of the Bar Mitzvah student’s Jewish life for years to come. 

The entire tallis is personalized to reflect the student's personality. Whether his joy comes from surfing, classic cars, music, animals, whatever makes your son or grandson unique, is exactly what Caryn will create for him. Whether his favorite colors are black, blue, a unique shade of blue, red, green, gray, no problem. Caryn will find the color that suits his tastes. Call or email Caryn today for a quote today.
Customized Tallit for Your Bar Mitzvah Ceremony
Caryn will use the finest fabrics with amazing colors, trims and embroidery to create a tallis a Bar Mitzvah student will be proud to wear at his service and for the rest of his life. Imagine what it will be like when a groom brings out his Bar Mitzvah tallis from MyTallis.com and uses it as his own wedding!
We'll Create a Unique Tallis for Your Upcoming Bar Mitzvah Celebration!
Many tallises include a Star of David. The six-pointed stars are available in many styles.  The embroidery colors will compliment your tallis. Ask Caryn what Jewish symbols
are available for your tallis!

Call or Email Caryn to start creating a Bar Mitzvah Tallis for Your Upcoming Celebration. Call or Email Caryn Directly at: 

Contact Us

Let Caryn create a custom tallis for your Bar Mitzvah celebration! Your tallis will not be "off the rack." It will be made especially for you! 
Call 657-222-5075

Personalized Tallit
 for Your Bar Mitzvah Celebration
Please include your Bar Mitzvah date in the form above. Call Caryn directly at 657-222-5075  or email at craphael0609@aol.com. Expect 4 - 6 weeks for creation and delivery for your personalized tallit. Rush orders are available.
Thank you for visiting.
Mazel Tov on Your Upcoming Bar Mitzvah Celebration
Tallit are not just for the young. This custom tallis was specially created for a 75th birthday celebration!