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Custom Made Tallit for Any Jewish Occasion
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Your Custom Tallit Can Match the Colors of Your Wedding
Fill out the form to receive a quote. Please include information on your preferences for your customized tallit and she will provide a quote within 24 hours. 

Thank you for your interest in MyTallis.com
During your wedding ceremony the rabbi will have the bride and the groom stand closely together, wrap their tallis around them and offer a Biblical blessing.

Contact Caryn to Custom-Design a Tallis for Your Jewish or Interfaith 
Wedding Ceremony!
Caryn Will Create a Beautiful Custom-Designed Tallis for Your Wedding Celebration
You're planning your wedding ceremony down to every detail. You select your location, rabbi, flowers, chuppah, ketubah and now you can select a custom-designed tallis too!

Caryn will create a custom-designed tallis using the latest designer fabrics, beautiful embroidery  artwork and gorgeous trim elements.

Plus, Caryn will embroider yarmulkes for your groom and groomsmen. 

Call or Email Caryn Today for a Quote at 714-329-3696

Also Available Custom Embroidered Yarmulkes for Your Wedding Day!
Your Wedding Tallis Will Be  a Work of Art that will Last a Lifetime! Also Available Custom-Designed Tallit Bags and Yarmulkes  to Match your Custom-Designed Tallit!
Select a Yarmulke color, request any design and Caryn will give you a quote right away. Yarmulkes may take between one - six weeks to order. You may use the below form, call or email Caryn to get your quote!
Call Caryn at 
Surprise Your Fiancee with a Custom-Designed Tallit for Their Wedding Day!
​Call Caryn Today 
at 714-329-3696
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Thank you for visiting MyTallis.com. Most tallit take between 4 - 6 weeks to create. If you need a tallit in a rush call Caryn and she may be able to accommodate you. Go to our "Testimonial" page to find out what our brides and grooms have to say about their custom-designed tallit.
What makes Caryn's custom-designed tallit unique is she uses two pieces of fabric. One for the outside of the tallis and one on the inside. Her major influence is Kate Spade. The outside fabric may be solid or have a subtle design while the inside fabric will compliment it with more of a splash of color or design. Just like your wedding will have two or three colors used throughout your color theme.

The four corners will be embroidered with artistic designs and will include the bride's name in one corner and the groom's name in another, your wedding date and any other text you may want.

This tallis will be your unique creation and will be a part of your family celebrations for the rest of your lives.

Create a custom-designed tallis with Caryn that you will always cherish. 
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Wedding Tallit
Call  or Email Caryn at 714-329-3696
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Wedding Tallit