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Custom Made Tallit for Any Jewish Occasion
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Caryn will create a custom tallis for your Jewish life celebration. Whether for your child, yourself, or a gift for a loved one, when you want a tallit that is unique, personalized and made with the up-most creativity then call or email Caryn and let's get started. 
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We Only Use the Finest Designer Fabrics

Embroidery Art 

We Listen To Your Requests and Unique Ideas and Then...

Bring Them to Life
With a 
Beautiful Customized Tallit!

If You Can Imagine
it, We Can Create it!
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Thank you!
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Aviva's Bat Mitzvah Tallis Testimonial

It was a pleasure working with you throughout the entire process of designing a custom tallit for our granddaughter Aviva.

From the first conversation you seemed to understand exactly what we wanted and approached the process with the same enthusiasm that we had.

The final product was absolutely perfect combining fabrics, style and a reflection of our granddaughter.

I hope many grandmothers out there will share the same joy working with you to design a Bat Mitzvah tallit."

Thank you
Geri Liemer

EJ's Bar Mitzvah Tallis Testimonial
“It was a sincere pleasure working with Caryn in creating the most beautiful tallis for my son's Bar Mitzvah.  

We gave Caryn some basic information, like color favorites, Hebrew name, and dates, and she created the most respectful, timeless tallis that he wore at his Bar Mitzvah and he will have to wear for all future Jewish ceremonies.  

Each corner was beautifully embroidered with his personal Jewish identity.  

Like Joseph and his Amazing Dreamcoat, my son's tallis is both traditional and fashionably artistic!”

Jo Levison
(424) 744-0731