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Custom Made Tallit for Any Jewish Occasion
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​Caryn will work with you to create a beautiful custom tallis for your upcoming Bat Mitzvah ceremony. 

Grandparents, Parents, Aunts and students have all worked with Caryn to create a one-of-a-kind tallis for their Bat Mitzvah celebration.

When you work with Caryn you will take an exciting journey to create a unique tallis that is a piece of art. Imagine that moment when the child receives her unique tallit and wraps herself in it and the beginning of her Bat Mitzvah service. 
Enjoy Your Bat Mitzvah Celebration 
with Tradition & Style with a Custom Tallis
"Caryn met with us and custom-made my daughter's tallit for her Bat Mitzvah. Gabriel was able to choose the colors, design, and personalize it with her name. She was so excited to wear her tallit. It is one of a kind. Caryn does amazing work and my daughter's tallit is absolutely beautiful. This was the best gift my daughter received from her Bat Mitzvah."

                     Rabbi Nancy Myers

"The tallit was better than I imagined it to be. I was so excited for it to be finished and was extremely happy in the result. The colors and designs were breathtaking. I'm glad Caryn made by tallit."


Caryn's Tallit are All works of art. She uses two fabrics. One for the front side of the tallis and another on the inside. She loves Kate Spade's design and brings that same flare to creating tallit.

How it works:

Select Your Color & Style:  If you have favorite colors that will be reflected in the Bat Mitzvah, we can use those same colors for her tallit. Also, we can create the tallit to reflect their hobbies, different cultures and or symbols.

Four Corners: We will embroider the four corners. They may include Jewish symbolism, text in English or Hebrew or both! 

Atara: The Atara is a fabric that wraps around the neck of the tallit. Caryn can embroider on the atara a design that reflects the overall theme of the tallit, or ewish blessing in English or Hebrew.

Each and every tallis is hand-made. No "made in China" no "hot of the screen press" no one else will have one like the tallit that we create together.

That's our commitment to you!
Creating Unique Religious Art
Please complete the form below and get a quote by Caryn today. Your personalized tallis will be ready for your Bat Mitzvah Celebration or call 714-329-3696.
We Personalize Your Tallis with Hand Selected Fabrics, Beautifully Designed Embroidery Artwork, Personalized  Corners & Atara, and Trims
The entire tallis is personalized to reflect the student's personality. Whether her joy comes from surfing, music, animals, whatever makes your daughter or granddaughter unique, is exactly what Caryn will create for her. Whether her favorite colors are black, white, turquoise, pink, purple, or lavender, Caryn can create a tallis with her colors.

You are able to tell Caryn just what you are looking for. Whether it is traditional or modern, it will be personalized and a part of the Bat Mitzvah experience that will live on after the Bat Mitzvah day is a sweet memory. 

Please call 714-329-3696 
or email Caryn at 

A Personalized Tallit for Your Daughter or Granddaughter may take from four to six weeks for creation and delivery.

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Call 714-329-3696 


It was a pleasure working with you throughout the entire process of designing a custom tallit for our granddaughter Aviva.

From the first conversation you seemed to understand exactly what we wanted and approached the process with the same enthusiasm that we had.

The final product was absolutely perfect combining fabrics, style and a reflection of our granddaughter.

I hope many grandmothers out there will share the same joy working with you to design a Bat Mitzvah tallit."

Thank you
Geri Liemer

A Special Bat Mitzvah Gift from Grandma
Geri Liemer presents her granddaughter Aviva with her Bat Mitzvah tallit. Above is a matching tallit bag and yarmulke.
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Above is Aviva's "Hamsa" Bat Mitzvah tallis commissioned by her grandmother Geri Below is a picture of Aviva's tallit bag and yarmulke.
"When I saw Jocelyn's tallit that you created, I was absolutely blown away!!! It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!!!! You took our vision, and made it a reality. This will be with her forever! The detail and the depth of artistry is absolutely gorgeous!!! Her kippah was perfect and the challah cover is gorgeous!!!  

Thank you so much for everything!!!!!!"

                        Daughter Jocelyn         (above)

Recently, I had the good fortune of meeting Bilal Abu Khalaf, a third generation Kurdish textile merchant in the Old City of Jerusalem. Bilal sells unique silk fabrics from Syria and cashmere fabrics from Kashmir in India. He specializes in providing extraordinary fabrics to prominent rabbis, Christian and Muslim leaders throughout the world. 

Bilal became a good friend and is thrilled to know that his fabrics will be used by me to create tallitot for Bar/Bat Mitzvah students, wedding couples and others who want a tallit that is a unique piece of art. 

I look forward to bringing these fabrics into my religious fabric art and providing my clients
with an opportunity to enhance their spiritual lives with beautiful fabrics from Old Jerusalem.

Call me soon to commission your unique tallit.

On My Recent Trip to Israel I had the pleasure of meeting and buying fabric from Bilal Abu Khalaf 
(as seen in the New York Times 
and Jerusalem News)...
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Custom Tallit for Your Bat Mitzvah Ceremony!